How public libraries help you stay healthy

Cory Greenwood
3 min readJun 30, 2023
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Public libraries are not just for books. They can also be a great resource for your health. Library members are happier and healthier, and they know it!

Here are some ways public libraries can help you stay healthy:

Injury and illness prevention
Libraries can help you prevent health problems by providing you with access to health information and resources on a wide range of health topics, including:

  • Nutrition: Learn about healthy eating habits and how to make nutritious meals on a budget.
  • Physical activity: Find information on how to get started with an exercise program and tips on staying motivated.
  • Mental health: Learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and how to get help if you or someone you know is struggling.
  • Chronic diseases: Find information on how to manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Libraries also offer free programs that can teach you how to make healthy lifestyle changes and improve your overall health. Find your local library.

Early Intervention
Libraries can help you identify and address health problems before they become larger issues. They often partner with health organizations to provide services like free hearing tests, eye tests and vaccinations. Maternal child health nurses and early childhood development specialists may also provide developmental screenings at events like Storytime to help identify children at risk for developmental delays or chronic diseases. Some librarians may also have qualifications in early childhood development and will know who you can contact if you have concerns about your child’s development.

Community Engagement
Attending a free program or event at the library can help you meet new people who share your interests, learn about health resources in your community, and get support from others who are working to improve their health and overall wellbeing. Programs range from author talks/book launches, walking groups, arts and crafts groups, health education workshops and seminars, and yoga/meditation classes.



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